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Brian Williams' Custom Homes, LLC is a custom home builder serving Rogersville, Missouri. We offer construction services ranging from custom homes, houses, shops and barns as well as remodeling, basement finishing, and general contracting.

Custom Home Builders vs. General Contractors: What's the Difference?

Custom home builders are different from general contractors. General contractors typically oversee all the general aspects of building your home. So they do not have the time to focus on all the intricate details required in building a custom home or custom house.

Custom builders specialize in this type of project and can provide you with far more customization than a nearby general contractor could offer. If you’re looking for an experienced builder that is experienced at designing and constructing homes, then Brian Williams Custom Homes is your best choice!

Still, if you need an experienced and dependable general contractor, BWCH does both! We provide the type of construction service that best serves our clients.

What To Look For In A Builder

Many people want to know what to look for in a builder. This can be tough because there are so many different builders out there. Here are some things that you should take into consideration when looking at potential local builders:

  • What is their specialty?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • What type of work do they specialize in?
  • What style of home do they build the most often?
  • Is the builder licensed and insured?
  • How much does it cost per square foot to hire this builder?

How To Know If A Builder Is Good Or Not

First and foremost, it’s always smart to ask for references and then check them out. Any experienced builder will have plenty of previous clients with whom you could speak.

Also, knowing how much it will cost per square foot can help you determine what type of contractor they are. If the price is higher than normal, then this could be an indication that there are more costs involved with working with them, which means less money for you. 

A great custom home builder will be able to offer you a fair price that is comparable to their competitors. Make sure that they have all their information available for review before giving them your hard-earned money!

The Benefits Of Custom Homebuilding

Building a custom home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. The process of designing and building your own custom house is something that many people dream about, but it’s also not something that just anyone can help you do.

There are many reasons to choose a Custom Home Builder over a traditional home builder. The benefits of custom houses include the ability to make choices, create your design and style, and have control over every detail. Your family will enjoy their new home for years with the assurance that it is designed specifically with them in mind.

A custom-built house can be more energy efficient than other homes on the market today while also being better suited for future renovations or expansions. When you build from scratch, you get exactly what you want without limits or restrictions imposed by pre-designed plans or options packages. It’s an opportunity to use your imagination and creativity to turn a dream into reality!

Our Design Process

Brian Williams, the custom home builder Rogersville, MO trusts, has been involved in the construction business around Springfield for over 20 years. And we want to take you through how your custom home could look like with our help:

  1. We start by talking to you about what kind of design elements you would like to include in your new space. With so many options available, we will work with you until we find the perfect style for both your taste and budget – whether it’s contemporary or traditional, etc. 
  2. Next, we take measurements of your property so that we can design your new custom house or custom home to fit the property perfectly. If you’re looking for a luxury estate, then Brian Williams Custom Homes will work with you step-by-step to ensure that your needs are met when it comes to fitting any lot size and shape!

The last thing you want is an unfinished project and we don’t want you to have one either! That is why we work with high-quality and dependable local suppliers and subcontractors to properly complete your custom home or custom house.

Custom Remodeling for Your Older Home in Rogersville

Many people living in an older home love their location and basic floor plan but would love to have a custom home design. What if your existing home is fundamentally sound and you want a better bathroom or kitchen, or maybe you want to find a contractor who will build a custom addition? Then a remodel job by a qualified custom builder may be the perfect solution!

So, if you’re wanting a newly updated bathroom or one of those fabulous custom kitchens like you see on TV, then you should contact us today. Because not only do we build custom homes, but we also provide full-service remodeling work.

And remodeling isn’t only available for your home’s interior, as we also provide upscale exterior updates with new doors, siding installation, windows, and more!
You can have every aspect of your home remodeling project just how you want it, with your own personal touch.

Our Brian Williams Custom Home builder Rogersville, MO team can assure that you can have a remodeling job that brings new life to your existing home. Call to book a remodeling job today that fits your needs and desires.

Get Started Today on your Rogersville, MO Custom Home !

When you choose BWCH custom home builder Rogersville MO, we will do everything that we can to make this process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible! We want the building of your dream space to be something fun – not stressful.

Every step of the way, our team is here for you. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, including custom homes and custom houses!

Contact us today to learn more about what our team can do for you! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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