Bright red custom barn in a green pasture near Springfield, MO

4 Reasons to Add a Custom Barn to Your Springfield MO Home

Did you know the average Missouri farm is around 291 acres? 

With so much agricultural land, you can only imagine how barns stand proud among the crops. And even if you’re not a farmer, you can’t help but appreciate the advantages of owning a barn. 

But if your barn is looking tired, or you’re thinking of extending your space, it might be time to build a custom horse barn.

Learn the top four reasons why you need a custom barn in Springfield MO.

1. Affordable and Energy Efficient

Everyone wants to save money, right? Because barns have quicker construction, buyers will save money on construction fees and time spent on the build. 

Better yet, barns are some of the most energy-efficient and sustainable options for additional home construction projects that will improve your property. Pole barns offer minimal soil disturbance because they don’t require a concrete foundation.

And because they’re made-to-order, you’ll have limited material waste to clean up afterward. You’ll never feel guilty building a pole barn!  

Or, if you’re in the market for a barn with nice features such as a custom workshop or specialty equine upgrades, the sky is the limit for amazing options you can choose.

2. Ideal for Multiple Use

You didn’t think barns were just for horses did you? This might have been the case many moons ago, but today barns are for everyone and for just about everything.

Uses include: 

  • Garage space 
  • Vehicle storage 
  • Workshop
  • Arts and craft studio 
  • Home business 
  • Homeschool classroom

And the latest craze? Building pole barns with a home built right in. With a solid design and post-frame construction, pole barns are an appealing option for future homeowners. 

3. Fast and Easy to Build

It’s true, building a new home can be daunting. And if we’re being honest, it can be a sometimes lengthy process. 

But a custom-built barn takes half the time. With fewer materials needed and no concrete foundation, construction is simple and hassle-free. 

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Building a barn to increase the space of your property is a clever investment. Not only will you have extra storage, but when the time comes to sell, your barn could prove itself to be the selling point. 

But how much value does a barn really add? Of course, this depends on its size, quality, and overall design aesthetic. Smaller barns may not generate as much value compared to barns with a larger space. 

However, regardless of the size, a barn offers prospective buyers a multi-purpose space. It really can make the difference between choosing your property or your neighbors’.  

Expand Your Space With a Custom Barn in Springfield MO

Whether you’re a farmer or a run-of-the-mill homeowner, you can’t deny that owning a custom pole barn can be an excellent long-term investment. 

And having your own custom backyard barn couldn’t be easier than with Brian Williams Custom Homes. When it comes to building a barn, our expert construction provides top-quality work on time and on budget. 

With a custom design, you get to make the decisions. From custom barn doors to a custom paint color, the choice is yours. 

Ready to build a custom barn in Springfield MO? Contact us today for a professional estimate and consultation. 

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