Preview of a contemporary bathroom remodel with color, lighting, floor covering, an object wall, and fixture updates.

What You Need to Know Before a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

When looking for bathroom remodel ideas, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the options. Bathroom makeover journals and home improvement sites are brimming with exquisite designs, each as lovely as the last. So, which is best for you? How do you make all the decisions and not get overwhelmed?

We are drawn to washroom areas that have been meticulously constructed to match our needs. Nobody realizes they will need to put much thought into their restroom until they start a bathroom remodel and need to make the decisions.

Most of us purchased our homes with the bathroom already finished. However, the bathroom often isn’t exactly as we would have chosen.

Take Your Bathroom To the Next Level

Now is the time to take your bathroom to the next level. You have finally decided that a luxury bathroom remodel is in your cards this year. You have prepared yourself for the construction mess and figured out how you’ll live without that room while it is being revamped. It’s time to start looking around online to begin your journey to discover what you want.

Many factors go into designing a bathroom that will make you smile every time you look at it. We have decided to put together a list to help figure out your bathroom luxury remodel. These are things you should think about and decisions you need to make. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, this is a great place to start! Let’s take a look.

Are You Prepared to Renovate?

A bathroom redesign can be a thrilling opportunity to create the environment you’ve always wanted. However, executing it will take some planning and serious thought. You and your family will be the only ones that will know what the perfect bathroom would look like for you. While we are happy to assist in any way possible, the first few steps are things you need to decide early on. These are things such as:

  • Do you ever use the bathtub (many people don’t), or is a spacious walk-in shower preferable?
  • Is your plan to increase the value of your home in the short term, or do you want to build a luxury master bedroom that you can enjoy in your retirement?
  • What type of cleaning do you do? Some fixtures and bathroom materials will require more maintenance than others.
  • How long will this look be expected to last? For those looking for a long-term design, try not to go with things that are more trendy and go with more traditional.
  • How many sinks do you use, or would you like?

While these are just some examples, the list can go on. Today’s bathrooms are nothing like they once were. Now, you can add a variety of amenities to make them more luxurious such as Bluetooth speakers that connect to your phone, heated floors and towel racks, or even high-end nozzle sprayers for the shower. Let’s look at some other things you might want to consider when doing a luxury bathroom remodel.

Newly remodeled bathroom with shower, new tub, tile, luxury vinyl flooring and lighting.

Budget for the Bathroom Remodel Cost

When you have the opportunity to turn your house into the exact style you want, you are investing in both your property and yourself. Without a firm budget, prices can escalate. Home and bathroom remodeling can cost as much as you let it, so it’s imperative to have a budget in mind.

Since bathroom makeovers can quickly become expensive, you should first determine what you can spend on your bathroom remodel. If you have no idea, a basic restroom remodeling job with materials and labor generally runs from $10k-20k. Then, the higher end of luxury bathroom projects can go as high as $70k. So remember, your budget is what you can afford and would like to spend. 

If you already have a bathroom in that location and don’t mind the layout, you could save yourself some money by using the existing layout. However, many older bathrooms have horrible layouts that don’t use the space as well as they should. This will, in most cases, require plumbing lines to be moved and electrical to be rerun, which will add to the expense of your bathroom.

Finalize Your Budget

If you need help with what your budget should be, give us a call and speak to a custom home and remodeling professional. We would be happy to discuss your options and ideas to help you figure out what that budget should look like to give you the bathroom of your dreams.

Some things that you should consider when looking at the budget are:

  • What can you afford to put money into?
  • What elements of the new bathroom are absolutely necessary?
  • Do you want to relocate any plumbed-in items?
  • Do you intend to sell in the next few years?

If you plan to sell your home, bathroom remodels typically recuperate a significant chunk of their cost when it comes time to sell, especially a severely outdated and old bathroom. Whether you plan to stay or not, getting a new bathroom can feel like the entire home got a facelift!

However, keep in mind that when planning to sell your home, you should try to stick with choices that suit the broader audience for a higher return on investment.  This isn’t as important when looking to remodel just for yourself, and you don’t plan on reselling anytime soon.

Rendering of a luxury bathroom remodel with updated lighting, flooring, and fixtures.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Looking at a Bathroom Luxury Remodel

When starting on your bathroom remodel journey, there are many things to start looking at and thinking about. These are things such as:

  • Lighting
  • Bathtubs, showers, both or only one?
  • Ventilation
  • Materials for the floors, shower walls, countertops, and fixtures.
  • Types of sinks
  • Types of faucets

Once you have a budget and know what you and your family want, it is time to start looking around at your options. There are many.  To keep from getting overwhelmed, start with the big-ticket items first. These are things such as the flooring and wall coverings.  For example, tile is amazing, and many people love it. However, it is more labor-intensive than finishing your walls with drywall, a designer color paint, and decorative lighting.  You will also spend even more of your budget if the tile design is complex, as it will require more man-hours to complete.

The countertops are another large ticket item.  Finding the right materials, color and shape will help you with the rest of the fixtures’ look.  With the larger investments out of the way, you can feel like you are accomplishing things and moving along in your decisions.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you have decided you want to update your bathroom or perform a major upgrade, Brian Williams Custom Homes can assist you wherever you are in the process. Whether you are in the greater Springfield areaRogersvilleBranson, or other communities nearby, we are always here to help give you ideas for bathroom remodeling. And we will help you discover ways to fit your dreams into your budget. Give us a call at 417-245-0147 today!

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