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How Much Does It Cost to Have a House Built in Missouri?

A home is a place to call your own. It’s where you can escape from the world and take refuge in the safety of four walls, a roof over your head, and a door that locks. If you’re lucky, it will be filled with love and laughter. And if you’re not so lucky – well at least there’s always pizza! So, how much does it cost to have a house built

You’ll need to spend some time saving up for this life-changing event – but how much should you save? Let’s find out how building costs vary by location and other factors such as size and style of home so you know how much money to put away each month before construction begins!

How Home Building Costs Vary

When it comes to how much it costs to have a house built in Missouri, there are a lot of different factors that come into play. In this section, we’ll take a look at how the price can vary depending on things like the location of the home, its size, and the style of the building. 

So, whether you’re just starting to plan your dream home or are already in the process of having it built, read on for information that will help you estimate how much your new house will cost you.

The Average Cost of Materials and Contractors in Missouri

One of the main factors that determine how much it costs to build a house is how much materials and labor will cost.  In Missouri as a whole, contractor costs are usually around 10% of the total building price of a house. However, contractors’ charges can range from 5-25%, depending on how much work needs to be done and how large your house is.

With how much it costs to build a house in Missouri, how much money you spend will also depend on how big your home is. For example, building a large 4-bedroom house in this state can be almost $155/sq.ft. or starting at around $285,000 for the entire structure (including land).

Meanwhile, a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house can cost as little as $111/sq.ft. or roughly $116,000 for the whole thing. And obviously, these per-square-foot prices can fluctuate depending on the volatility of the current housing market.

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Location, Location, Location!

The amount you spend on your home’s location is also of major importance when considering the question, “How much does it cost to have a house built in Missouri?” For example, building a typical 2 bedroom 1 bathroom home in Kansas City as opposed to an upscale neighborhood in St. Louis could end up saving you roughly $6,000 (or around 8%). The reason for such a large price difference is how much land and home construction cost here; since these regions of Missouri are more urbanized, the price of your house’s location will reflect that.

What about the average cost to build a house in Springfield, Missouri? According to Builder Magazine Online, the average cost to build a home in this area is around $200,000 at approximately $150/ sq.ft. However, building new luxury custom homes in Springfield and the surrounding areas will obviously cost more than these average prices. You should expect that a custom-built home will range up to $200/sq.ft. or higher.

So, if you’re looking for more affordable choices, building a smaller home can be a more budget-friendly option for those on a tight budget.

New homes in the country have a higher cost to have a house built.
Rural locations are extremely popular for new home construction, so the costs are higher.

Materials, Lighting, and Appliances

The type of materials and how much it costs to build a house in Missouri will largely depend on how much labor will be needed. If you’re going for an upscale home with many amenities, your contractor may end up spending more time and money on putting in features like smart lighting setups, state-of-the-art appliances, or high-quality flooring. 

On the other hand, if you’re building a smaller, more affordable house your contractor will spend less time and money on the materials. But how much it costs to build a house could still end up being higher since they’ll need to adjust for price fluctuations.


The cost of how much it takes to build a house can also be affected by how much you pay in taxes. For example, you could pay anywhere from $1,800 to over $4,000 in property taxes for a typical house. Still, when considering how much it costs to build a house in Missouri, this tax rate is relatively low compared to how much others may pay if they live elsewhere.

How to Estimate How Much Money You'll Need to Build a House

  1. Figure out how much your house will cost by getting a building estimate from a reputable home builder.
  2. Estimate how much you’ll need for a down payment. Typically 20% is required, but you can save up a make a larger down payment, resulting in lower monthly payments.
  3. If you want to have the house paid for before beginning construction, save up money each month to cover the remaining construction costs.
  4. Celebrate when your house is finally finished!
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How to Save Up for This Life-Changing Event

What should your monthly savings be in order to pay cash to build the desired type of home within your budget range?

Asking, “How much does it cost to have a house built?” is paramount when it’s the house of your dreams.  You need to know because it’s important to start saving up money as soon as possible. The amount you need to put away each month will depend on how much your desired home costs, how much your down payment is, and how long it will take you to save up the rest of the money you need.

For example, if you want to finance and build a $150,000 home, you’ll need to have about $7,500 for a conventional down payment (which is around 5%). There are other options that require a lower down payment, or even none! If you want to self-finance your home and you want 36 months to save up the remaining $142,500, you’ll need to set aside around $3,960 each month.

Of course, these numbers can vary depending on how much money you put down initially and how often you want to pay yourself back. For example, if you were to save up $25,000 for a down payment, your monthly savings would only be around $1,750 (since you’ll need less time to build your home with less money).

Building a house is a huge life-changing event, and it’s important to be prepared for how much it will cost. By following the saving tips above, you’ll be on your way to saving up the necessary money in no time. Just be sure to stay disciplined with your spending and to put away as much money as possible each month. Before you know it, you’ll be moving into the home of your dreams!

New construction addition being added to old home

Conclusion: What does it cost to have a house built in Missouri?

So, how much does it cost to have a house built? Though we discussed how much it costs to build a typical house in this state, you’ve seen how the prices may change considerably depending on all the factors mentioned above.

Remember, how much it costs to build a house in Missouri will be less expensive than some or more expensive than how much others are paying for homes built elsewhere. And, it’s smart to get more than one construction bid. But overall, the cost of new home construction in Missouri is very good compared to other states.

If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help planning for your home building project, let us know. Our team of experts is ready to help you every step of the way.

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